Capillary Crystalline Cementitious Waterproof Material


Capillary crystalline waterproof material is a kind of cement and made of silicate cement, composed of the special treatment of a group of active compounds and quartz sand powder materials.

It contains chemical active substances which penetrate to concrete internal capillary channels through carrier, and react with free lime and water molecules, then forming crystallization which is insoluble in water. The crysallization can penetrate into deep layer of the concrete, filling the pores and gap, and then permanently stay in the concrete, densify the concrete, prevent water infiltration channel, thus permanently sea the concrete.


1. Can be constructed on the surface of the concrete structure and the surface which is facing the water

2. Especially suitable for wet base construction

3. Permanent active, can naturally heal the cracks below 0.4mm

4. Prevent corrosion of steel

5. Protect concrete structures from waste water, sea water, chemicals and solvents

6. Strengthen the strength of the concrete structure, prevent the destruction of concrete

7. Due to its unique permeability, no protective layer should be set after construction

8. Non-toxic, harmless, can be used for drinking water on the concrete structure

9. Easy to use, simple operation, no construction joints


1. Water proof and anti seepage treatment for swimming pool, drinking water pool, sewage tank, marine aquarium, dam, reservoir etc.

2. For the waterproof and seepage prevention of water immersion environment, such as basement, underground water channel, elevator well, balcony, toilet etc.

3. Bridget, tunnel, stadium, nuclear power plant, military facilities, municipal engineering and pile top treatment.

Packing: 20kg/bucket

Recommended usage

The usage for 1.0mm thickness coating is about 1.5kg/m2

Water: Cement=(0.22~0.27): 1