Construction technology of TPO self-adhesive waterproof memb

Production description

TPO self-adhesive waterproof membrane is made of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), combined with butyl rubber glue, then covered with isolation layer.



Size: 2m*20m


Applicable Place: Concrete Roof, Metal Roof

Material & Tools

1. Material: 1.2mm TPO self adhesive waterproof membrane。

2. Construction tools:

3. Protection tool:

I. Construction process

Construction Prepare → Basic level processing → Snap the line, test pave → Roof membrane installation → Lap joint → Quality acceptance → Hand over work

II. Construction

1、Basic level processing

Before installation of waterproof membrane roofing,substrate shall be inspected and approved by QC. Proper preparation to the substrate surface is essential for optimum long term waterproofing. Substrate shall be cleaned of dust,debris,moisture and other substances detrimental to roofing installation,sharp projections shall be removed. Insure all

surfaces to be waterproofed must be structurally sound, clean,dry and free of all surface contamination including form release agents, curing compounds,concrete finishing aids and all other forms of surface contamination。

2、Snap the line

Measure roof area and smap the fist position line, the second line should as far as the waterproof sheet’s width minus 80 ~ 100mm, the thirdth line shoud as same method as the second line, other lines by parity of reasoning.

Attention: waterproof sheet membrane shall be installed over area to receive roof,extended over and terminate beyond cants。

Two plies of waterproof sheet membrane,consisting of a base ply and a finish ply,shall be installed,starting at the low point of system。Each layer is installed by torch welding method,

loose-laid or fully bonded to substrate。When loose-laid,only overlaps are bonded together。

3、Roof membrane installation

Paying the waterproof sheet membrane according to the line. Laps shall be staggered.

After Paying the waterproof sheet membrane, tear isolation membrane.


4、Lap joint

Vertical and horizontal direction shall be hot-melt and completely sealed by rolling,leaving no voids。