Construction technology of HDPE self adhesive waterproof me

1. Concept design 




Construction site



1.2mm HDPE High polymer self adhesive waterproof membrane




2. Construction method

Paving the waterproof membrane on the substrate (the side with mineral granular/film upward), and pouring the concrete, which make a close connection between the waterproof membrane and concrete.

3. Materials preparation

1). 1.2mm HDPE high polymer self adhesive waterproof membrane, cementitious capillary crystalline waterproofing coating, adhesive waterproof flashing tape etc.

2). Construction tools: Chisel, shovel, broom, corner trowel, cartridge box, wallpaper knife, putty knife, squeegee, tape etc.

3). Protective tools: safety helmet, rubber gloves, flat rubber shoes and so on. 

4. Construction

1). Substrate treatment

(1) Substrates shall be cleaned of dust, debris, and other substances detrimental to installation, sharp projections shall be removed.

(2) Substrates should be basically flat, and it should be leveled before laying the waterproof board.

(3) Substrates can be wet, but no obvious ponding.


2). Joint treatment

Pile heads need to be polished and coated with cementitious capillary crystalline waterproof coating, and steels should be fixed with water stop rings. Joints between membrane and pile heads should be contacted by adhesive waterproof flashing tape.

3). Membrane installation

Mineral granular side up, laying HDPE waterproof membrane to the concrete surface. Pay attention to align lapping edges, avoiding unreasonable deviation.

4). Edge lap treatment

(1) Lengthwise lapping: Tearing isolating film of edge lap, lapping and rolling derectly, width≥70mm

(2)Crosswise lapping:

Tear isolating film of polymer double-side self adhesive rubber tape (short named: tape), stick and roll it on the under waterproof membrane; then cover second membrane after tearing another side isolating film, recommended lapping width≥80mm.

5). Check and acceptance

6). Subsequent construction

Once waterproof layer construction completed, can tie steel bars directly, and pour concrete.